Aspirateur Samson réparation d'aspirateur résidentiel, commercial, central

Samson benefit,
after-sales guarantee

  • VERY affordable prices
  • 10 year warranty on all our products*
  • Professional service
  • Wide choice of devices and accessories in inventory
  • Home assessment
  • *Lifetime warranty on selected devices

It is wrong to think that by choosing a central vacuum from a specialty store, you will pay more than from a wide surface store. Instead, opting for Aspirateur Samson’s products, you make sure to get a high quality device at the most affordable prices in the industry.

* Lifetime warranty on selected devices.
* Guarantees are applied to our central vacuums.

For your home or condo,
we offer in-home assessment.

Our Central Vacuum Cleaners

When looking to purchase a central vacuum cleaner system, you need to think in terms of power and reliability. The most expensive device may not necessarily be the one that is most suitable for your needs. That is why our advisors guide you in getting the best central vacuum system for your needs. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial central vacuum system, we have a range of different product lines specifically designed to meet your cleaning and maintenance specifications.

For a central vacuum cleaner that fits your needs

In addition to offering a wide selection of vacuum cleaners manufactured in Quebec and Canada, we select only recognized brands. Our team makes sure to offer you the very best on the market while providing an impeccable and personalized service.


Aspirateurs Samson offers a wide range of accessories for your central vacuum. There are many accessories that can make your job easier when servicing or optimizing your central vacuum cleaner system. Hook supports, sleeves, corner suction tools, floor brushes, commercial hoses, nozzles, adapters and many other tools can make your central vacuum cleaner more effective and efficient. For residential and commercial central vacuum cleaner.

Installation and Repair

All central vacuum cleaner installations are carried out by a trained member from our team of technicians. Each technician is certified and holds an RBQ card, necessary in order to install any central vacuum cleaner in accordance with quality standards, and for getting a better performance out of your device. We repair central vacuums on most major brands. Our repair services are fast and professional.

Aspirateur Samson réparation aspirateur résidentiel commercial central