Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Whatever business you work in, the cleanliness of any company can often influence the image it portrays to its customers. To ensure maximum cleanliness, the acquisition of a commercial vacuum that is appropriate to your business’ maintenance needs, is a must. The biggest asset of a good quality commercial vacuum is its power and durability. Samson Vacuums offer a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners by some of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Go For The Best

Whether you need a backpack vacuum, a dry-clean vacuum, a special vacuum cleaner for servicing medical clinics, or a vacuum cleaner with two motors for greater efficiency, we have the device for you! Accessories for industrial vacuums are also available here: belts, vacuum cleaner rolls, brushes and more. Effective for all types of floors and stairs, used for dry, wet or even liquid dirt.

Warranty and Service

As a business, we know it is almost impossible for you to go without your commercial vacuum cleaner for too long once it breaks down. That is why, in addition to providing you with complete satisfaction when purchasing your commercial vacuum, Samson Vacuum ensures you get even more efficient post-sale service. We carry out repairs in a timely manner. There is no need to send your commercial vacuum to the manufacturer in a rush in order to honor the warranty since we are a certified service center.

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