Commercial Vacuums Repair

Aspirateurs Samson offers free estimate for the repair of commercial vacuums. Commercial vacuum cleaner repairs (light and medium) are made directly in our shop by an experienced technician. Because we recognize the importance of efficiency and availability of your commercial vacuum, we strive to offer fast and efficient repair services, as well as a guarantee on the work rendered.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

By using our maintenance service for commercial vacuums, you are assured quick service and quality work! A rigorous maintenance check of your commercial vacuum can save you many hassles. We perform commercial vacuum maintenance from most major brands. We do this in our workshop in order to give you a more efficient service and a longer lasting vacuum cleaner.

Parts and Accessories

Our shop has a wide selection of parts and accessories for most major brands of commercial vacuums. A variety of brushes, hoses, couplings (and covers for hoses), will meet your needs for commercial maintenance. We also carry JohnnyVac maintenance products, in order to offer businesses a wide range of specialized equipment.

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Commercial Vacuums and Many Other Brands